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The DynaCook ceramic gas cooktops ensure convenient and safe cooking wherever you may be!

Innovative, functional, safe, and easy to use – the DynaCook ceramic gas cooktop is all of the above. The “gas under glass” technology will do the trick not only in the privacy of your home, but also as a portable appliance, which you can install in your camper or yacht. There is no open flame and the appliance is equipped with special safeties to guarantee your protection.


DynaCook – a gas hob that looks like a ceramic cooktop

As they can be connected to easily replaceable gas tanks and consume trace amounts of electricity, our cooktops are the perfect choice for travellers and explorers. You can choose from four DynaCook models to adapt the cooktop to the interior of your camper or yacht and your personal needs so you can cook freely during your travels. The control panel is easy to keep clean and simple, which means that you can focus on the most important thing – exploration.

series X
– PREMIUM class

The DynaCook series X is a line of modern premium ceramic gas cooktops. These are ecological and innovative devices, which ensure cooking convenience and cost efficiency. Just like there is no room for boredom in cooking, there is no room for compromise in your kitchen and our devices take advantage of gas in a safe manner, respect the natural environment, and offer high quality and an aesthetic design. The cooktops can be hooked up to gas tanks, which makes them perfect for use in campers, camping trailers, and on yachts.

This is an innovative concept of a ceramic cooktop, which cooks on gas and uses trace amounts of electricity. DynaCook is a 100% Polish product, designed and manufactured with top quality components by DYNAXO in Poland.

The concept is based on development of a “gas under glass” ceramic cooktop. Its main elements are gas burners, which create heat on the surface through gas combustion. This heat penetrates the ceramic surface and then transfers to the cookware we are using to cook our food. The gas combustion process is controlled by the patented microprocessor-based control panel. All individual heating zones (burners) have their dedicated heat controls. The extra heat zones take advantage of the heat produced by active burners (thermal energy recovery for free).


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