series X

It is an innovative concept of a ceramic cooktop that uses gas and a trace amount of electricity for cooking. DynaCook is a 100% Polish product, designed and manufactured by DYNAXO in Poland, from the highest quality components.

No open flame
– safety first

The technology is certified by an independent research institute to guarantee that the cooktop meets the top safety level specified in European standards. The gas under glass technology is an important factor determining the safety of the DynaCook. The gas combustion process is controlled by internal systems and the additional safeguards like the accidental turn on protection, residual heat indicator, or permanent gas combustion control eliminate all hazards.


Intuitive and fast to use, smooth ceramic surface, easy to keep clean to let you focus on cooking. The cooktop is easy to clean. The friendly relationship between the user and the device is based on convenient access to the controls and practical arrangement of the heating zones.

Warranty and servicing

According to statistics, the DynaCook series X are extremely durable and can operate reliably for years to come. When they are installed according to the manual, they do not overheat or break when e.g. you spill cold liquid on them during cooking.. The cooktops come with a 2-year warranty. If you should experience any problems, just contact our service centre and set up a service call.

DynaCooks can be hooked up to propane/butane or propane-only tanks.

With consideration of your safety and convenience, please make sure that the technician installing the cooktop follows the included instruction manual.

Energy efficiency

DynaCooks consume less gas than traditional gas cooktops. As the burners are located under the ceramic surface, the heat is not distributed throughout the room and is directed to the cookware more efficiently than in a traditional gas cooktop. The appliance is also more productive thanks to the free heat zones, which take advantage of the heat generated by the burners. This function makes our ceramic gas cooktop peerless.

Trace amounts of electricity

DynaCooks use trace amounts of electricity and are powered with 12 V DC or from a 230 V AC outlet. When connected to a power supply, the cooktop can be controlled from the touch panel and the gas is ignited automatically with the spark.


Considerate of nature. Thanks to the precision gas combustion process, DynaCook is friendly to both its users and the natural environment. The cooktop produces less undesired combustion by-products (mainly CO) than classic open flame gas cooktops. As the gas and air mix is composed appropriately and the gas combusts in high temperatures, the environment is protected from contamination and the oily residue, which lingers on kitchen furniture and cannot be avoided when using traditional open-flame gas cooktops, is reduced.

Cleaning the DynaCook

To make cleaning nice and easy, the cooktop comes with a scrubber dedicated to ceramic surfaces. Please read the chapter entitled “Cleaning and Maintenance”.

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