DynaCook X2

Cooking comfort regardless of the circumstances

The compact size of the DynaCook gas cooktop will go perfectly with the interior of your camper or yacht. The ceramic surface of the DynaCook X2 is equipped with two innovative heating zones, which will quickly heat up your meals. Since it is easy to use, your cooking experience will be fast and pleasant. As there is no open flame, you will be safe at all times and find it easy to keep the appliance clean.



Installation and operation manual: PDF
Manuel d’installation et d’utilisation: PDF

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  • 2 new generation Flexible Heating Zone (FHZ)(1) burners;
  • Sensor control – simple, practical, precise, and safe;
  • Easy to read heating zone indicators – “H” for hot, “h” for warm;
  • Clear digital cooking level (power) indicator;
  • 18 cooking (power) settings;
  • Available extra functions:
    • fast boiling;
    • automatic heating (used to reach the desired heating zone temperature faster);
    • parental control (accidental turn on protection for child and pet safety);
  • Clear prompts:
    • operating mode audio and light signals;
    • gas leak detection signal;
    • no gas supply signal.
Heating zone
zone rating

Total heating
zone number
140 mm180 mm1,8- 1,9 kW1
180 mm220 mm2,5 kW1

(1) The Flexible Heating Zone (FHZ) lets you cook on the given zone in pots with diameter from – to (see table above)


  • 30 mbar gas tank
  • propane/butane G30 (3B/P) and propane G31 (3P)

Cleaning and maintenance

The design of the ceramic DynaCook makes it easy to keep clean. Thanks to the smooth and non-porous surface, you will have no trouble cleaning off all kinds of spilled liquids and grease stains.
A good habit to ensure that you can continue to enjoy the stylish and modern appearance of the cooktop is to clean it after every use. This will help prevent dried and hard to remove stains. But always remember that any maintenance activity requires the cooktop to return to its natural – i.e. ambient – temperature (it needs to cool down).